Specialty ServicesOrion Marine Group offers its customers an extensive range of specialty services knowledge and capabilities, including diving, inspections, encapsulation, repair, demolition, salvage, and surveying among others. Orion can meet even the toughest challenge and work with customers to find cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions. Orion has an outstanding record of completing projects while building an excellent safety record.

Orion’s specialty services include the following activities:

  • Commercial diving services
  • Salvage operations
  • Surveying to determine the suitability of sites for specific activities
  • Towing for ships and other vessels.
  • Inspections to ensure the greatest safety and practical support for damage caused by storms or other incidents
  • Heavy lifting services for vessels and other marine equipment
  • Demolition of bridges, abutments and other structures
  • Installation of pile range towers
  • Repairs for underwater equipment
  • Excavation for pipelines, sewer lines and other marine installations

At Orion, we are committed to providing the most practical services for your needs. We work with you to determine the right solutions for a wide range of requirements and to put those solutions into action on behalf of you and your company.

To learn more about our full lineup of marine specialty services and how they can help your company, call Orion today at 713-852-6500. Our team is ready to help you manage and execute your construction projects more effectively now and in the future.