Target Zero Safety Philosophy

Target ZeroOrion Marine Group operates under the “Target Zero” principle where we aim for zero injuries and zero incidents in everything we do. At Orion “Target Zero” is more than a program or a slogan, it’s a way of doing business and performing work. Orion promotes and expects a 24/7 safety mindset in each of our skilled workers. We are determined to make safe choices in all aspects of our lives, both at the jobsite and at our home.

Our team members are empowered to have the “Target Zero” mindset. Safe work procedures are expected on all aspects of our work and every employee is entitled to promote and engage in nothing less than a “Target Zero” project every day. Everyone has access to a safe work site that endorses safe behaviors by all. We work in a zero-incident culture, Orion believes that our company can only truly be a success through an injury and incident free workplace.

Our safety goals are achieved through setting high expectations for safety, planning our operations with safety in the forefront, stopping to address change as it can impact our task, empowering all our people to be safety leaders, and recognizing the hard work and safe performances of our team along the way. Our most important asset to the company is our people and each day we ensure respect and care is given to that greatest strength.

Continued successful safety performance will only be achieved with a never-settle attitude at all levels of our organization. Our team holds the health of each other above all else and leads by example to promote the “Target Zero” environment for all to strive. At Orion we are industry leaders in safety because the families and friends of our co-workers depend on us every day to send their loved ones home safe.

Industry-Leading Safety Record

The Target Zero philosophy has led to a safety record benchmarked well below the industry average based on the published Bureau of Labor Statistics’ average incidence rates for NAICS code 237990 – —Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction. Each of our operations tracks and records the key safety parameters of our activities with the goal to eliminating any incidents throughout the performance of our work.


We focus on attitude as a key driver in ensuring workplace safety. Our primary targets are front-line operations managers and field and vessel supervisors, the people who have daily contact with field craftsmen, equipment operators, crewmen, and other workers.

The basis for supervisor training is leadership development. By fostering a safety conscious attitude, key leaders are able to quickly embrace accident prevention as a formula for reducing the frequency of jobsite accidents.

Skill Development

Our process for focusing on skill development begins with the hiring process. Orion recruits candidates that have the proper qualifications and inherent ability to perform the required work.

Successful recruits undergo a Team Member Development Process to further advance their skills. This process defines the responsibility, accountability, and priority of each team member, with special emphasis on working safely, every project, every day, every task, every time, to achieve zero accidents and injuries. Ongoing training is provided in the areas of safety, leadership, supervision, and project management.


We make every effort to ensure that employees and their supervisors understand their role in protecting themselves, coworkers, customers, the general public, and the environment against harm. Every employee is empowered to use Stop Work Authority to halt any and all unsafe work activities.

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Safety Infrastructure

Orion’s safety program leadership is tasked with bringing relevant safety issues to the highest level within the organization and building a team to develop, implement, and administer a viable safety process. Each office location has a qualified Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) manager and/or local field safety supervisors and safety representatives to assist in promoting the safety process, programs, and regulatory changes.

Everyone at Orion is committed to ensuring safety is a 24/7 jobsite priority.