Industrial Marine ProjectIn addition to new construction, Orion Marine Group has established a strong reputation in the areas where we operate for providing rapid-response call out repair and maintenance services for our client’s facilities. Whether your facility has incurred damage or needs annual maintenance, Orion’s team is staffed with experts in completing this work as safely and efficiently as possible and with minimal impacts to ongoing operations.

Orion’s typical maintenance and repair services include:

  • Annual Surveys and Maintenance Work
  • Marine Loading Arm Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Fender Repairs and Replacement
  • Mooring Facility Repair and Maintenance
  • Bulkhead and Dock Repairs
  • Terminal Concrete Repair and Installation
  • Pipeline and Outfall Repairs

As part of regular maintenance, our team inspects your structures for signs of damage, decay, or impending failure. Some services we may perform to keep your facilities in good working order include cleaning, structural strengthening, and concrete patching. For pipelines, our experts conduct regular leak detection services to prevent negative economic and environmental consequences.

In addition, Orion Marine Group maintains a large dredge fleet to provide maintenance dredging services. Maintenance dredging helps control underwater depths for navigability, drainage, water storage capacity, and water quality. We are a reliable and effective partner for your marine structure maintenance needs.

At Orion, we prioritize every job for our clients, no matter the size or the scope. To learn more about the full lineup of services available from our team, call our Houston headquarters at 713-852-6500. We look forward to the chance to serve you.