Orion Marine Tug BoatThe experts at Orion Marine Group offer heavy civil and marine and industrial construction solutions designed to suit the needs of the companies in our service area. Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to achieve your goals on your schedule and to the highest standards of safety and quality. We perform all facets of construction, repair, replacement and maintenance for your construction projects. Our unparalleled record for safety and on-time completion for your projects will allow you to enjoy the greatest confidence when entrusting us with these services.

Fit-for-Purpose Construction Solutions

Our services are designed to provide you with practical solutions to solve your construction and project development needs. We work with your company to determine the right services for your requirements. Some of the key services we provide include:

Port Facilities & Cruise Terminals

Orion Marine Group has an extensive track record in the construction of port facilities, marine and cruise terminals. Whether the facility is for cruise ships, industrial and petrochemical import and export, or ferries and marinas, Orion has the experience to build, repair and maintain this infrastructure to the highest possible standards of safety and quality.

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Transportation Infrastructure Construction

Orion has an unmatched track record in the construction of marinas, port facilities, bridges and causeways, docks, piers, wharves, bulkheads, liquid cargo and dry bulk facilities and terminals for cruise ships. Our highly-experienced team is capable of building this infrastructure on a design-build or bid-build basis, depending on your project needs.

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Industrial Facilities

In addition to marine terminals, Orion also provides a broad range of heavy civil construction and specialty services to the industrial and petrochemical markets along the US Gulf Coast. Orion focuses on industrial heavy civil and concrete work scopes – including concrete and foundations, pile driving, site facilities, and utilities – executed to the highest possible standards of safety and quality.

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Dredging Services

Orion owns and operates a fleet of hydraulic, mechanical and bucket dredging equipment to ensure that your project is completed in a practical and environmentally sound way. We help our clients maintain waterways, create wildlife refuges and restore areas after hurricanes or other major storms. Whether you need to expand your port or nourish your beach, Orion is a trusted partner in your dredging operations.

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Pipeline Construction

Orion offers pipeline construction services that are tailored to suit your needs. We have the ability to build intakes, outfalls, risers, tie-ins, communication, and transmission pipelines and provide anchoring to help your pipelines perform as expected in the production environment. In addition, our team can perform abandonments, relocations or repairs.

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Environmental Structures

Ensuring that shorelines and wetlands are ecologically stable is an important priority in the coastal environment. At Orion, we are a civil marine contractor with the proven experience needed to protect shorelines, create wetlands and perform erosion control for areas in need of environmental remediation. We install levees, concrete mattresses and sea beds to ensure the best environments for marine life and residents in these areas.

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Marine Specialty Services

Along with our other construction capabilities, Orion also offers commercial diving services, inspections, salvage, demolition and surveying services to our clients in the areas where we operate.

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Maintenance and Repair Services

Orion Marine Group specializes in providing comprehensive services for marine structures, including regular inspections and preventative maintenance and repair.

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At Orion Marine Group, we work with you to determine the best heavy marine construction solutions for your needs. Call our Houston offices today at 713-852-6500 to request more information or to schedule an appointment with us. Contact us