marine structuresWith a proven track record spanning over 50-years, Orion Marine Group team has an expansive depth of knowledge and capabilities to support the development and delivery of a wide range of environmental structure projects. This experience includes the construction of shoreline protection, wetland creation, erosion control and environmental remediation.

Some of the marine environmental structure construction projects most requested by clients of Orion include the following:

  • Erosion control projects, which typically involve installing a stabilization wall, concrete mattresses or another type of shoreline protective environmental structure to prevent runoff and the topsoil loss in a specific area.
  • Flood control projects, which are one of the most critical types of projects we perform at Orion. This usually involves installing levees, or arranging cellular concrete mattresses to prevent floodwaters from reaching populated areas.
  • Island creation and wildlife refuge installations, which are designed to provide added protection and environmental mitigation for the natural wildlife habitats in our area.
  • Wetlands preservation and the creation of new wetlands, which are another way our heavy marine construction company helps protect native wildlife and preserve habitats where these animals can safely live.
  • Beach re-nourishment projects, which are an environmentally sound way to protect beach fronts and the value of beachfront property in our area.
  • Hurricane recovery projects, including helping recover marine structures and key infrastructure following a major storm event as well as humanitarian efforts.

Working with Orion means you will receive the practical support you need to bring your project from start to finish in the most environmentally sound way.

At Orion, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence in every project we do. Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to complete your environmental structure construction projects on time and in the most environmentally responsible way possible. To learn more about the services available from our team at Orion, call our corporate headquarters in Houston at 713-852-6500. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.