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Transportation Facilities

Pipeline Construction

Environmental Structures

Specialty Services

Dredging Services

Through its almost 80-year legacy, Orion Marine Group offers a wide range of services through end-to-end turn-key solutions that are designed to meet the toughest challenges while delivering projects that exceed customer expectations.  Orion Marine Group partners with customers to build custom solutions that go beyond basic construction unlocking value while working to exceed customer expectations. 

Marine Transportation Facility Construction
      Bridges     Port Facilities     Cruise Ship Terminals     Docks     Marinas     
Marine Pipeline Construction
      Intakes     Outfalls     Installation     Abandonment    River Crossing     
Marine Environmental Structures
      Shoreline Protection     Levees     Geotubes     Wetlands Creation    Remediation     
Specialty Services
      Diving     Encapsulation     Demolition     Inspections    Surveying     Salvage 
Dredging Services
      Mechanical     Hydraulic     Reclamation     Beach Nourishment    Restoration   

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