"No job is so important that we cannot take the time to perform it safely!"

The safety and well being of Orion Marine Group employees, customers, and stakeholders is paramount to our success. Our safety-through-leadership success is borne out of a strong advocacy for accident prevention, innovative training, and a proven track record of exceeding regulatory compliance. Safety will continue to be one of our core competencies as we move forward.

Accident Prevention

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Rules don’t prevent accidents, people do. Orion Marine Group advocates accident prevention as a way for our employees to not only meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance standards, but to continually exceed them. We believe that elevating safety to more than just regulatory compliance has less to do with adherence to rules than how our employees at every level think and work while on the jobsite.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create an accident-free environment through leadership, communication, and motivation. To achieve our goal, Orion Marine Group looks to three employee attributes—attitude, skill, and knowledge.


We focus on attitude as a key driver in ensuring workplace safety. Our primary targets are front-line operations managers and field and vessel supervisors, the people who have daily contact with field craftsmen, equipment operators, crewmen, and other workers.

The basis for supervisor training is leadership development. By fostering a safety conscious attitude, key leaders are able to quickly embrace accident prevention as a formula for reducing the frequency of jobsite accidents.

Skill Development

Our process for focusing on skill development begins with the hiring process. Orion Marine Group recruits candidates that have the proper qualifications and inherent ability to perform the required work.

Successful recruits undergo a Team Member Development Process to further advance their skills. This process defines the responsibility, accountability, and priority of each team member, with special emphasis on working safely, every project, every day, every task, every time, to achieve zero accidents and injuries. Ongoing training is provided in the areas of safety, leadership, supervision, and project management.


We make every effort to ensure that employees and their supervisors understand their role in protecting themselves, coworkers, customers, the general public, and the environment against harm. Every employee is empowered to use Stop Work Authority to halt any and all unsafe work activities.

Safety Infrastructure

Orion Marine Group safety program leadership is tasked with bringing relevant safety issues to the highest level within the organization and building a team to develop, implement, and administer a viable safety process. Each office location has a qualified Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) manager and/or local field safety supervisors and safety representatives to assist in promoting the safety process, programs, and regulatory changes.

Everyone at Orion is committed to ensuring safety is a 24/7 jobsite priority.


Orion Marine Group benchmark services are categorized under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 237990—Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction.

Orion Marine Group benchmarks for jobsite injuries are measured against industry standards to determine the effectiveness of our safety process. Injury and lost time rates for Orion Marine Group are significantly less than the industry average based on published Bureau of Labor Statistics' average incidence rates for NAICS code 237990.