Marine Environmental Structures

Our collective industry experience leaves us uniquely qualified to address environmental structure projects from design through delivery, including shoreline protection, wetland creation, erosion control, and environmental remediation. Our long history of on-time completions and excellent safety record are benchmarks of Orion Marine Group customer satisfaction.


  • Shoreline Protection
  • Wetlands Creation
  • Erosion Control
  • Levee installation
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Concrete Mattress Installation
  • GeoTubeĀ® Installation
  • Sea-Grass Bed Creation

Project Highlights

Project Photo

Bonita Beach Renourishment

Bonita Springs, Florida

Placed over 450,000 cu yds of material along 5,800 feet of beach front property for Lee County.

Project Photo

Custom Plywood Remedial Action Phase II

Anacortes, Washington

Mechanical dredging and upland disposal of
contaminated sediment.

Project Photo

Environmental Mitigation, Intra Coastal Waterway

Ft. Pierce, Florida

Clear/grade land, plant new native vegetation to create natural habitat areas. Mitigation for 2 Florida DOT bridge projects crossing waterway.

Project Photo

Beach Renourishment

Indian Shores Beach, Florida

Dredge/place 120,000 cu yds of sand via conveyor system. Conveyor engineered by Orion Marine Group subsidiary Misener Marine Construction.

Project Photo

Bird Island Creation

Savannah, Georgia

Pump sand from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spoil area to create island habitat for birds.

Project Photo

CIAP Lake Leary Marsh Creation

St. Bernard Parrish, Louisiana

Marsh creation project that will raise 87 acres approx. 3 feet to facilitate shoreline stabilization for the Delacroix, LA community.

Project Photo

Intake Erosion Protection, Buffalo Bayou

Houston, Texas

Construct sheet pile stabilization wall to provide erosion protection.

Project Photo

Unalakleet Erosion Control

Unalakleet, Alaska

Installation of scour protection.

Project Photo

Beneficial Use Site Creation, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway

San Antonio Bay, Texas

Construct GeoTube-contained beneficial use site for dredged material.

Project Photo

Environmental Mitigation, Levee Construction

Lavaca Bay, Texas

Construct 1 million cu yds of compacted levees using 200,000+ T of rip-rap to provide erosion protection.

Project Photo

Flood Control

Houston, Texas

Install complex arrangement of cellular concrete mattresses for optimal flood control and erosion protection.

Orion Marine Group offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end services and custom turnkey solutions to meet even the most exacting customer specifications. We work collaboratively with customers to create solutions that achieve not only their immediate goals, but bring long-term value to their investment.