Marine Dredging Services

Our dredging services use mechanical, hydraulic, and bucket dredging, as well as an Orion Marine-built fully electric, environmentally friendly dredge, to remove millions of cubic yards of material annually from hundreds of miles of U.S. waterways. Our long history of on-time completions and excellent safety record are benchmarks of Orion Marine Group customer satisfaction.


  • Intracoastal Waterway Maintenance
  • Beach Nourishment
  • Marine Construction
  • Port Expansion
  • Wildlife Refuge Creation
  • Hurricane Restoration
  • Port Depending
  • Reclamation
  • Electric Capabilities

Project Highlights

Project Photo

Husky Terminal Maintenance Dredging

Tacoma, Washington

Maintenance dredging along 2,800 ft berth area at Port of Tacoma Husky Terminals on the Blair Waterway. Included both open water disposal and beneficial material reuse.

Project Photo

Port of Houston Dredging

Galveston Bay, Texas

Dredge Port of Houston cruise and container terminals. Clean air requirements met using electric-powered dredge.

Project Photo

Cruise Ship Pier Dredging

Labadee, Haiti

Turnkey dredge solution to create turning basin for new private cruise ship pier.

Project Photo

Corpus Christi Ship Channel Dredging

Corpus Christi, Texas

20 in cutter suction dredge to achieve optimal depth for private petrochemical dock sites.

Project Photo

Murphy’s Landing Marina Stormwater Diversion & Dredging

Tacoma, Washington

Installation of a new sheet pile berm, maintenance dredging of moorage basin, stabilization of outfall in marina basin, repair of damaged floating docks, and replacement of existing pilings.

Project Photo

Environmental Remediation, Mechanical Dredging

Tampa, Florida

Mechanical dredge to create new underwater habitat.

Project Photo

Port of Miami, Government Cut

Miami, Florida

Dredge Port of Miami entrance channel for passage of 1,100-ft cruise ship.

Project Photo

Houston Ship Channel, Emergency Dredging

Houston, Texas

20 in cutter suction dredge to achieve optimal channel depth.

Project Photo

Portable Dredging

Bay City, Texas

8 in portable cutter suction dredge of limited-space nuclear power plant water intake channel.

Project Photo

Port of Olympia Maintenance Dredging & Crane Removal

Olympia, Washington

Mechanically dredge approximately 30,000 CY of contaminated soils. Dispose of an upland facility. Disassemble and dispose of existing gantry cranes.

Orion Marine Group offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end services and custom turnkey solutions to meet even the most exacting customer specifications. We work collaboratively with customers to create solutions that achieve not only their immediate goals, but bring long-term value to their investment.