Company History

Orion Marine Group has a rich history of delivering top-quality marine construction solutions and quick-turn services to meet a full spectrum of customer needs, even under the most challenging of conditions.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with strategic offices throughout the United States, Orion Marine Group continues to expand its geographical footprint and range of services to the West Coast, Canada, and the Caribbean Basin.

Historical Timeline

Below is a timeline of significant events since the company was formed in 1994.

  1. 1994

    Orion Construction founded

  2. 1997

    Mid-Gulf Industrial (est. 1950) acquisition establishes presence in Texas

  3. 1998

    King Fisher Marine Service (est. 1940) acquisition adds dredging services

  4. 2001

    Inter-Bay Marine (est. 1967) acquisition establishes presence in Florida

  5. 2002

    Misener Marine Construction (est. 1945) acquisition strengthens presence in Florida

  6. 2003

    Rebranded as Orion Marine Group

  7. 2006

    F. Miller Construction (est. 1932) acquisition establishes presence in Louisiana

  8. 2008

    Private company asset acquisition expands dredging services

  9. 2010

    T.W. LaQuay Dredging (est. 2000) acquisition enhances dredging services

  10. 2010

    Private marine construction company asset acquisition establishes presence in Washington state

  11. 2012

    West Construction Company (est. 1997) acquisition establishes presence in Alaska